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Project: Teatrocontinuo
Date: 2005 – 2006
Location: Padova, Venice

For two years, I worked in collaboration with Teatrocontinuo, an independent theatre company based in Padova, under the direction of the inspirational Nin Scolari. I made light-based installations that accompanied and augmented the theatrical productions on-site in iconic locations: The Ancient City of Paestum, The City Walls of Padova, Torcello, Quarto di Altino, and the Bauhaus in Dessau. The installations had a direct reference to, and relationship with, the concept and ideas behind each site-specific production. They were entirely separate from the stage lighting and occupied a different physical space. The photographs on this project page are from two of the productions.

Fra Terra e Acqua (2005)

This production lasted five hours over three sites in the lagoon of Venice, with a boat to transport spectators between historical locations. I made hanging copper light forms that swayed with movement of the boat, plasma cut to reflect key words from the production’s text into convex mirrors floating in water, projecting them back onto the ceiling. These swayed and shimmered with the movement of the craft.

Bastion of the Impossible (2005)

The ‘Bastion of The Impossible’ is part of Padova’s 15th century outer defensive wall. It survived intact until WW2 when the English, bombing in lines to hit Padova station, inadvertently dropped a bomb through the roof, killing 200 people who were using it as an air-raid shelter.

The movement of the air, strong enough to lift the entire vaulted roof and set it down again, killed the victims, not the force of the actual explosion. “Crossed Target” marks the exact spot where the bomb landed. It is a circle made of white, blown rice, delicate enough to be moved by the slightest breath of air. “City Lights” was the final piece, the two hundred holes representing every life lost and reminiscent of anti-aircraft searchlights. Working intensively in the dark and amazingly peaceful space for a few days, I was isolated from world news at the time of terrorist bombings in London.