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About this site:

This website is an ongoing catalogue of my work as a contemporary artist since 1995 and an online shop that establishes direct contact between artist and client. Most artworks are unframed and ready to ship. They are grouped by location and ‘place’ is one of the essential threads that weave ideas, subjects, and materials together. 

The ‘projects’ section shows a selection of residencies, public art and community projects I have undertaken as an artist. My work as a curator, director, facilitator, and arts educator is available on request.

To see a selection of paintings and prints framed and hung in various domestic contexts, private collections, and galleries, please see the In Situ page.


Alan is a deceptively technical artist. The making and the means have as much attention as the imagination that fashions the object. The pigments are ground, the casual everyday material cut up and incorporated physically and mentally. My collection is gathered from all phases of his career…the work is challenging but comfortable to live with: analytical, yet abstract, always beautiful to look at and made of the place it was made in.

Richard Lilley: Collector