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Project: Watermark
Date: 1995
Location: Cardiff Bay Pumping Station, Cardiff, Wales

I was commissioned from open call to re-design the paving and the boundary perimeter of Cardiff Bay Pumping Station for Welsh Water and Cardiff City Council at the time of the redevelopment of Cardiff Bay. The light sculptor Charles Quick was co-commissioned to work with me on a single integrated design which incorporated our respective fields and expertise.

I constructed a floorscape based on Islamic design principles. The design is symmetrical, but not placed centrally, to appear as if an area of ground has been swept away to reveal a fragment of another port in another place, connected to Cardiff Bay by sea routes.

Charles Quick designed the
boundary wall as a series of free-standing sculptural forms, each of which contains powerful halogen lights. Lines of light ebb and flow like the tide from these forms by night, crossing the floorscape and augmenting the design.

Guy Julier says in his essay for the catalogue, both artists were principally concerned with “the poetics of functionalism” and this discourse between functionality and poetry is also prevalent in the entire architectural history of Cardiff Bay.