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I arrived at the Fundación Valpairiso in Mojacar for a one-month artist’s residency with no materials at all. I sourced local paper to use as a support, dug and filtered coloured earths to make paint from pigment, and used discarded household enamels, together with collaged flyers, posters and papers found on the streets. I wanted to embed the work and make it truly site-responsive. The results were transportable, but they could not have been created anywhere else, or in any other time. This series of 12 small paintings are landscapes, of sorts: they suggest the white, flat roofed architecture, views though the empty windows of farmhouses abandoned during the resistance of Franco’s forces, the red earth, olive groves, the strata of malachite in distant hills, and the street furniture. They attempt to capture both the feel of a specific place and my feelings towards it.