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Watermark & Other Photographs

A series of colour photographic prints, mounted on foamboard @ 60 x 42cms, ready to ship. A selection of each series is featured here. Please request a PDF folder to see all images.

In general, most of the images are charged with the colours of decadence, oxidization, and rot. These are details of places where mankind attempts to tame or contain nature, but where the process of re-integration has already begun, quietly and surreptitiously. The relationship between chaos and order, the natural and the man-made, has been a constant theme throughout my artistic practice.

‘Watermark’ is a series of photographs documenting the effects of maritime environments on man-made surfaces. All the images were taken a short distance from the sea, either in Weymouth or Portland, UK or around the Lagoon of Venice: familiar places I’ve lived and worked in extensively. ‘Post-Poster’ is a huge ongoing sprawling archive of what happens to posters after their ‘sell-by’ date. ‘Boats’ looks at the micro-surfaces of hulls attacked and held by the sea and their visual similarities to the environment they operate in, i.e. some of the encrusted, eroded details of hulls and timbers resemble a painting of vast maritime landscapes…