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And the Big Ships Pass

And the big ships pass; floating, garish visions of manufactured dreams, parting the lagoon waters slowly and profoundly as the passengers view the island in an early evening cocktail haze. Even if we believe it’s morally wrong; voyeuristic, elitist, and environmentally indefensible, there’s a moment of astonishing beauty as they glide past, when reflections on water separate, and the new and the old dance with each other before reforming into the ordered linearity that historians adore. In this floating, liminal space, magic occurs. So much unintentional beauty without, so much unintentional ugliness within.

These paintings are experimental; canvas strips glued to blue industrial foam roof insulation, worked physically with layers of applied then subtracted material, power tools, scrapers etc. They are light and flat; they might be finished, but then again…