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Velenato/Wrack and Drift

These two sets of paintings are catalogued together because they explore a common environmental theme of man-made pollution on land and in the sea. Both series of work are process-based; surfaces are created by a set of transformations. These transformations are sometimes rule-based and sometimes practical – e.g. to stabilize a surface, the layers  may have to be deconstructed and reconstructed, using methods that have consequences for the final appearance of the finished image.

There is a fundamental difference between the two sets of work. ‘Velenato’ started life as posters, ripped from the wall of the Venice Biennale, then worked on from start to finish, in one continuous studio-based period. ‘Wrack and Drift’ took several years to complete,  starting as observations of Newton’s Cove in Weymouth, transforming into green-blue paintings about viral structures (Ebola was taking hold in Africa), before moving with me to Venice, where they were painted in pinks and ochres.

‘Velenato’ was first exhibited at MetaForte in 2023, part of the group exhibition ‘Come Sopravvivere al Divenire Delle Cose’.