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You Can’t Judge a Book...

A series of work completed as part of a six-week artist’s residency at MetaForte, Punta Sabbioni, Venice. MetaForte had just moved HQ from the old Austrian Fort built in 1845, to one of the 14 telemetric towers built during WW1 to monitor the position of the nearby front line between the Italian and German armies. The Old Fort had the remains of several artistic interventions and events, which were recycled and used as a resource for new projects. Some years ago, the public library at Jesolo Paese had donated thousands of hardback books it was unable to archive, due to demand on space. An artist (unknown) had piled them in several doorways and red-brick niches of the Old Fort, blocking entry to interior spaces unless the weight of accumulated knowledge was first demolished…at least that’s how I read it.

I used some of the book covers for this project; tearing, ripping, and sanding them until the surfaces became interesting, distressed or partially recognizable. A series of photographs of decaying and graffitied walls in Venice, or bare landscapes of the lagoon, were then transferred onto the covers from laser prints, using acrylic medium. The intention was to balance and hold in equilibrium the two elements: the physical book cover with the illusion of an implied space. The challenge was to create this slippage between object and subject.