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Land / Sea

A series of small paintings from the start of 2024 that retain a measure of abstraction but contain more recognizable elements related to the particular landscape surrounding Venice and the Venetian lagoon.

I’ve skated around the edges of ‘reflection’ as a subject for many years. The idea of implying the presence of solidity and structure without revealing it is fascinating. The formal, mathematically chaotic quality of ripples and eddies, and the ambiguous nature of waves; liquid, aural or cosmic, have all been sources for previous work.

This time, I wanted to hit the subject more ‘straight’; to use the ice-blue light of the lagoon water in the early evening, when it seems as if the sky is contained within its body, together with flashes of orange sunset, dancing on the surface and the broken forms of nearby buildings, placed above the horizon line in the paintings.

Venice is awash with paintings of reflections. In general, the multi-coloured motion is frozen by photography and reproduced in its complexity as a still microsecond within time. Avoiding this approach and indicating both movements over time and the ‘feeling’ of reflection on the water is a challenge worth pursuing.

The landscapes in this series are complex and dense, focusing on the variety of interactions where land meets water, from marsh and mudflats to abrupt, constructed, and hard-edged impositions. There is implied space in these paintings, sometimes shallow and sometimes as distant as the horizon, all the way to the Euganian hills.